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In the early years of the organisation called 'Vodafone' it was more than just an empire rooted in fear and obedience and endless hierarchies. It was every religion that the human animal has invented since the beginning of time on our beautiful unkowleable  temporary world.

All aspects of the human nature were evidenced. Self-worth, obedience, conformity, arrogance, stupidity,  human parasites, brilliance, invention, excitement, electronic riches, all were there for the asking.

Vodafear relates an episode at the core of all of this. How a severely disturbed Psychotic understood everything, and how he fooled all of them with such marvellous psychotic skill shortly before he went to prison.

If the human animal will invent a religion founded in their brains on mobile phones, then they may invent a religion founded on any of a million comparable perceptions.





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